Reasons to Be Thankful! 💛💚💜💙🙏🏻

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  1. I bet “Rocco” doesn’t hold the same view of being thankful. I’m sure if my mother offered BJ’s to the nation, especially if she was near 60yrs old (even as a joke) I would want to get over the sheer embarrasment by taking weed. It wasn’t even funny, it was sad.

  2. People give her a break… my son is very similar in his rebellious ways. Challenging and difficult but we are mothers doing what we can to support our children through their journey. We may know see and tell them from experience that they shouldn’t be taking risks but they do anyway! Life is hard so stop bagging out the family unit! Individual personalities are simply that! Good luck Madonna things will work out with your continued guidance and support. Love will conquer!

  3. You’re a beautiful person Madonna. Strong and powerfull. You deserve the best in the world, no matter what your ridiculous son says about you, let him live by himself with his dad that only used you. Without the love os his mother he will feel what is to be alone in the world.

  4. @lestatt1930 People like you who go out of their way to bully another person , usually have no control over their own lives & it’s the only thing you can control which makes you feel better about yourself . Hopefully you’ll find another way to improve your life .

  5. Madonna, you are a human being and you done your best to your family. Don’t worry. Your son, Rocco, will see that he has been an idiot!

  6. I thought it was, a face slap, to have checked one up from laboring. Straight away they hav lost footing now. Recoln cause a backmonkey opted stand his cross forward; at their standing. And got piece of everyone who had ever tried

  7. right lovey. I am going to tell you this. You are not my friend. You do not know me. You have however made me sing along. Do the sing off challenge next time. For the only songs I cannot duplicate are the ones with ridiculously high notes. For example. Vogue… Express Yourself…..another one, I can’t remember…. This is my message to you. Once and once only for I will deactivate. My name is Amanda and I am a mother. A loving mother, I never got over the high of me giving birth. Sometimes, we have to let go. We have to allow children to make their own mistakes. You are a wonderful person for your creativity and your determination. Parenting can be lost on the child that does not want to be parented. Does that make sense?? I have to deal with a Southern man who has taken my son from me and indoctrined his shit. Alas, I also have another son, who loves me for me. Sometimes, things do not go as planned. Sad as it is. I met your daughter once in London at the London Dungeons – I did not realize until she stood infront of me. Then I was puzzled. She was very beautiful, ariculate, clever and it was that which puzzled me. Her education. Another thing that annoyed me was everyone paid attention to her, yes she is sweet but I too am a mother and that annoyed me for I was having time with my son much like you will have with yours. X You are a brilliant artist and where do you get such creativity? You are stunningly beautiful. I have no doubt you are a good mother and you can join my crusade to rescue horses and dogs!!! Thanks for the music. Above all you are a good mum. Be proud. If you love. You are a good mum…….X