Expansion and pressurization of the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) is complete as of 4:44 p.m. EDT on Saturday, May 28. BEAM’s pressure will be equalized with that of the International Space Station, where it will remain attached for a two-year test period. During the next week, leak checks will be performed on BEAM to ensure its structural integrity. Hatch opening and NASA astronaut Jeff Williams’ first entrance into BEAM will take place about a week after leak checks are complete.

BEAM is an example of NASA’s increased commitment to partnering with industry to enable the growth of the commercial use of space. The project is co-sponsored by NASA’s Advanced Exploration Systems Division and Bigelow Aerospace. Expandable habitats are designed to take up less room on a spacecraft but provide greater volume for living and working in space once expanded. This first test of an expandable module will allow investigators to gauge how well the habitat performs and specifically, how well it protects against solar radiation, space debris and the temperature extremes of space.

Image credit: NASA
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  1. @bl1735 A couple weeks I think, it’s still sealed off from the station to make sure it’s safe and won’t depressurize or let in radiation.

  2. Fascinating project. (Just for the record, I might point out that the word is “expansible”. Don’t want anybody imagining that NASA has any problems spelling 🙂

  3. Virginia: the five cientific people, work in the great program, in beneficiary of the all people’s of the world: THE NASA.