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  1. Drake do you feel like ‘Please forgive me’ metaphorically depicts your life? It took so long to buffer on Apple Music, what should have been 20 minutes turned into an hour, lol But I watched the whole thing. I think it was great & being South African I loved the culture it displayed. It’s definitely something that stays with you long after it’s been played. I’m still thinking of the scenes now. Which is what you wanted I’m sure. You all played your roles well & you also had really good chemistry with Fanny. Well done to everyone involved in the making of the film. Always a fan ❤ @champagnepapi

  2. You can’t make a woman want you, and you can’t make a man want you. Everyone won’t pick up on what is special about you. Everyone won’t have the patience to learn what makes you tick. Everyone won’t care about what you went through and how you struggled and persevered to become the person that you are today. In fact, the only reason why some people still entertain having dinner with you is not because you feed their soul, it’s because you feed their ego. Here is one truth when it comes to dating, “it should not take someone a lifetime to recognize that you are a once in a lifetime person.” Anyone who knows that you are truly special, won’t leave it on you to call all the time. Anyone who knows that you are truly special, won’t leave it on you to plan when you both will see each other again. Anyone who knows that you are truly special, won’t ignore you and they will make it a priority to make you a part of their day. Why do you keep trying to give your love away to people who won’t even give you the time of day? If someone doesn’t recognize how special you are, move on with your life because your love just isn’t meant for them. Your love needs to be in the hands of someone who knows what they have when they hold you.