Ha these classic #RockConcerts! Best part about these concerts was being in my hotel suite the night before at 3am with my @sevenbucksprod’s producers @hhgarcia41 and Brian Gewirtz and rewriting lyrics to our fav artists like Clapton, Elvis etc. Those silly creative nights were some of the most fun I’ve ever had. You can only imagine the very R-rated, dirty lyrics we would come up with. All too edgy and crass for WWE, but they do get sung however when we drink and break out the guitar. 😂. For those non WWE fans reading this — Vicky Guerrero was a phenomenal villain on the show (an amazing and awesome woman in real life) who made life miserable for months for the WWE Superstars and fans… until that fateful night the People’s Champ brought his guitar to the ring, asked Vicky to join he and the fans while he serenaded her in front of millions of people on live TV. Fans went wild, Vicky finally got what was coming her and somewhere Eric Clapton was proud. #RockConcert #GreatMemories #YouLookHorribleTonight

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