Had so much fun sharing Thanksgiving at the Ali Forney Center in Brooklyn! This center protects LGBT Youth from the harms of homelessness and empowers them to reclaim their lives. Each year the Ali Forney Center provides care for over 1,200 youth who are rejected by their family due to their LGBT identity. AFC provides these youth with tools they need to become independent and more importantly, AFC provides these youth with the love and support they are denied by their families. Because everyone deserves to be loved and everyone deserves a home. 💘🙏🏻💙!!!

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  1. @lesserson it’s an effort to bring awareness to a horrible situation. I’d you think that makes it a publicity stunt then we need more publicity stunts like this.

  2. @lesserson she could always have popped by to sing her latest single like lazy gagbag did. Is that more admirable? No. so just shut the fuck up you prick

  3. @lesserson. Why would @Madonna need a “publicity stunt” on her own Instagram page?? lol Think about it!! 99.999% of us looking at this already KNOW that Madonna is THE shit!!! She has nothing to prove to us. Do you think that maybe Madonna AND Gaga BOTH care deeply for the LGBT community? Maybe they just care about humanity in general!!?? Give it a shot! It might just make you smile and have a great day!! <3

  4. @lesserson Do you really expect her to shout out how much she may have donated ??? That would be crass & give people like you a reason to say she didn’t do or give enough … like what you’re doing now . Even spreading word of the charity is an awesome thing alone .