It’s Ironic that we are celebrating Thanksgiving, while Native American’s are being Tear Gassed and Shot with Rubber Bullets and Water Hoses at this very moment! 🇺🇸 ???? WTF. How can this be happening?? #standwithstandingrock

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  1. Watch hillarys america the movie and then you will see why the people voted for trump!they didn’t want another Obama I the whitehouse god bless america getting good rid of corruption with the shit she did and is still doing!illuminati all the way!illuminati have my ex who works for the cia and my dad is a retired colonel and my nephew is in Iraq so this is a real change for those who serve!hillarys corrupted

  2. WHERES OBAMA? HUH? Traitor @catamena3 @mr.dougg @thepaperseahorse @nadinehennessy @madbritfan @googu_j @nalralanna @mersdiego @madonna_little_noni_

  3. @the.home.of.the.brave How the fuck can I be a traitor when I’m British ??? Get your facts right & keep out of my business . Tagging me !! Who do you think you are ? If you’re happy worshipping the apprentice buffoon …be happy & don’t involve me .

  4. @madonna_little_noni_ Wow! You really need to get a life, tagging everyone that writes a comment all day and night. You seem very uneducated and hostile. Maybe you need to get some fresh air and some therapy instead of polluting M’s account with such negative drivel. Also PLEASE stop private messaging me., it’s really boring, I don’t read any of it anyway as you seem a little simple and I wouldn’t want to waste time, I mean seriously swearing at me and sending 20 comments privately in a row for no reason, just shows that you are very unbalanced. I hope you find happiness (and a life) instead of trying to live your life around someone elses. ( a celebrity) I also think it’s affecting you mentally stalking M’s account 24 hrs and not having sleep. I hope you get the help you need. Good luck, you really need to find happiness in your life and stop involving yourself with strangers.

  5. I support you 100%. It’s also shameful that mother’s and chhildren can’t celebrate the holidays in a warm place they can call home. To be able to put Christmas lights and decorations up, along with a tree they see filled with presents underneath from Santa while the smells of Christmas dinner is already making their tummy rumble. This is the story of many, unfortunately my own also. My 10 year old son are currently homeless. The whole story can be found on my gofundme page under the name of Angelica Herman of Scranton Pennsylvania. I’m begging anyone with means to help. My only wish is to say to my son, open your eyes baby, welcome home.

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