Why Malawi needs our Help! What the Art Auction is all about at Art Basel 🎨 thank you in advance for your generosity! 💘🙏🏻😂@raisingmalawi @nunoxico

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  2. @qpianist that is part of the process. She is bringing them health and education…as you know, the more educated you are the better choices you will make in life. A window of options will be opened to these citizens…what good will you contribute to society besides being judgemental?

  3. @shedevil9099 are you anabellecrazy? You have the same hate of that crazy girl…why hate so much? Do you hate your life and that is why you spread hate? Go get some help…seriously! You will feel better.

  4. Your a great woman doing a great thing I love you your the best singer EVERRRR!!!! I hope everything is okay with Rocco after what he said! 🙂

  5. ❤️la dolcezza del tuo sguardo in un frammento del video mi ha emozionato. Sei una grande donna. Grande. Ed io sono orgoglioso di quel che fai, anzi facciamo. Ti voglio bene, anche se non sai chi sono e forse mai lo saprai.

  6. The world is overpopulated, although it’s sad that they are suffering. the only help 3rd world countries like this need is birth control and educating on contraception. It’s irresponsible to keep breeding children when they cannot even afford to eat themselves. I give my cash to population control and Animal charities instead. I would rather support endangered animals. Because of human greed animals have become extinct. If these people want to have a better life than why do they have up to 8 children or more in each family just to grow up suffering in poverty. Most of the donated cash doesn’t even get seen by the needed anyway and just finds its way into a greedy government bank accounts. I suggest that you spend money on sending them contraceptives and lower the world population with less humans instead and the world would be a better place. I respect that you help them but isn’t this just to lower your taxes and to be seen that you are charitable. No thanks. I will donate to helping the animals that humans are killing off instead. I feel sorry that those children are suffering because the selfishness of their uneducated parents who know nothing of contraception’s. Lastly it’s selfish and irresponsible also for ANY person worldwide to have any more than 2 children each family when the Earth is struggling to maintain existence. Freedom of speech. Never silence the wise and intelligent.