🏆 #LaUndecima
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Real Madrid is sharing instagram . Our site is being issued shares and a limited number of reviews, which are followed by our famous instagram account .

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The article titled Real Madrid – #LaUndecima
🇪🇸 @iscoalarcon
🇨🇴 @jamesrodriguez10
🇪🇸 @ryanez…
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🇪🇸 @iscoalarcon
🇨🇴 @jamesrodriguez10
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  1. hey @realmadrid , @jamesrodriguez10 is a very good and complete player! you have to say sorry, if him leaves this summer from Bernabeu!

  2. Felicidades al equipo y jugadores por la victoria del la uefa champion league y a Cristiano por el gran privilegio de ganar la euro copa y felicitó a todos por darlo todo en esa cancha. Sois lo mejor