EXCLUSIVE: Cool @SevenBucksProd project in the world of TV & music. Through all my good times, hard times, failures and successes – music has always help shape and define every key moment in my life. As it does with all of us.
And as is the case with our history. Every era, every revolution, every triumphant moment and every heartbreak has a distinct sound and song that can transport us right back to that moment in time.

Our #SevenBucksProductions and @ShowOfForceFilm are proud to bring you a new @CNNOrigSeries called #Soundtracks: SONGS THAT MADE HISTORY.

We’re taking you on an extraordinary journey through history using the music that defined our country’s biggest moments.

We delivered the pilot to CNN, which included iconic artists from Billy Joel, to Lee Greenwood to Patti LaBelle who all sat with us to speak on how their music defined and inspired our country post 9/11. Incredibly moving and inspiring pilot and many tears shed (not me of course, I’m too tough to cry). CNN immediately ordered an entire series.

This is a passion, heart and soul project for our #SevenBucksProds and our producing partners #ShowOfForce. I think we’re making something very cool, high quality and special for you to enjoy. Coming soon.

#SoundTracks #MusicDefinesHistory #MusicDefinesUsAll

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  1. i can’t envision The Rock being a weaver of iconic songs… surely none I would go with he wasn’t even araound during music’s biggest decade 1965-1975

  2. @therock You’ve gotta cast me in JUMANJI! Dope concept behind “Soundtracks”. But back to business- JUMANJI thooouugh!